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Complete Golf Course Event Planning Guide

Golf is estimated to reach an astonishing 101 million Americans whether they play, watch, or read about the sport. Therefore, it's no surprise that hosting an event at a golf course is a popular way to get people together, have fun, and raise considerable amounts of money.

But, how do you make your golf day a roaring success that lives long in the memories of attendees? The key is to create a detailed golf course event planning guide that helps you stay organized and ensures your event is a wonderful occasion.

Read on to find out how to throw a golf event that is the talk of the town.

Establish a Planning Committee

Hosting an event on a golf course may be a lot of fun, but it also requires some forward planning to make sure it is a success. Your planning committee should comprise people who have a variety of skills. For example, you'll need someone who is good at communication to contact all your guests and provide them with details.

You'll also want to include a person who loves the sport and can come up with golf course event ideas that entertain your guests. Don't forget to include a detail-oriented committee member who can ensure all your administrative work is complete and confirm you have everything in place before the big day.

Source Sponsors

If your golf course event is for a good cause, it's easy to source sponsors that are happy to contribute. They might contribute cash in exchange for their name on your tournament golfing shirts and a prominent advertising space in your event program. This can be a great way to cover your costs, so the maximum amount of money goes to your chosen charity.

Alternatively, a company may provide vouchers for you to give away in a raffle or as prizes for players. This adds some extra incentive for players to engage in some friendly competition.

Ask For Volunteers

You can make the occasion more pleasant for your guests by having a team of volunteers positioned around the course. Your helpers can provide players with snacks and water on the way around the course. They could even give some tips if they are good golfers themselves. 

This is also a good opportunity for your volunteers to engage with the players. They can entertain the golfers and keep a light-hearted atmosphere amongst your guests.

Choose Your Tournament Format

Your golf course event is at a premier location, so each player will want to play as many shots as possible. This means you probably won't want to have an Alternate Shot format. Instead, you could play Four Ball, Scramble, or Skins Game formats, so everyone gets to enjoy playing on a top-class golf course.

You can determine which format will be the best choice when you know how many people will be playing in your event. 

Add In-Game Contests

You can include bonus events on golf courses to spice up your tournament and make the game interesting for those who don't normally play the sport. For example, you could have a 'nearest the hole competition' on a par three hole. Whoever hits their tee shot closest to the pin then wins a prize. 

Or, you could have a longest drive competition where the person who gets their ball to travel the further distance off the tee is the winner. If you choose two or three holes around the golf course to include these events, it can bring a sense of fun and friendly competition to your event.

Promote Your Golf Event

You can attract plenty of attention for your golf tournament through clever marketing. It's important to ask your committee members to use their network of contacts to spread the word about your upcoming event. However, an even more effective method is to use social media to reach as many people as possible. 

People can comment on and share your event details to create a buzz about your tournament so that everyone is keen to learn more. This can also contribute to your fundraising efforts as people may be willing to contribute to make your tournament even more successful. 

Maximize Fundraising Activities

It's important to maximize your fundraising opportunities by running events such as silent auctions and raffles. People tend to be in a more generous mood when they're having fun playing golf on a world-class course and socializing with others. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your revenues while also giving away great prizes that your guests will treasure.

You may find some celebrity golfers are willing to give you some of their extra gear, such as spare golfing jackets or a signed glove. These are unique items that people can not get anywhere else, so they'll be delighted to bid for a chance to get their hands on such coveted merchandise. 

Say Thank You

After running a successful golfing event, it's nice to send your guests a note to say thank you for attending. You can even include some photographs from the tournament that they can display in their home or office to remind them of their enjoyable day out.

Create Your Golf Course Event Planning Guide with St. Cloud Country Club

When you have an effective golf course event planning guide, you can enjoy organizing a fantastic occasion for your guests without stress. At St. Cloud Country Club, we have experienced professionals to help you plan your golf tournament. You can host corporate and charity events at our immaculate golf course that provides stunning views as you play your round.

Afterward, your group can relax in our clubhouse while enjoying a gourmet meal prepared by our professional chefs for an unforgettable day.

To discuss your golf event needs and get further information, contact the St. Cloud Country Club team today.