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Tips for Putting Together a Planning Committee for Your Event

There are plenty of problems that you might come up against when you're planning an event at a golf course. Coordinating a group of people and guiding them through a specific activity while making sure they're all having fun is no easy task!

Planning an event is a skill that you need to practice to develop. Over 108 million people in the United States enjoy golf, and it is the perfect sport for older individuals. It requires less movement for older individuals and allows room for conversation to happen or business to be conducted. 

Golf course event planning is, as a result, perfect for putting together a group of people to talk and have a good time. But how exactly do you go about developing a planning committee for great golf course events?

This article will walk you through everything you need to know. 

Choose a Leader

No great event can come together without a leader. Sure, you need plenty of people to pitch in ideas, but the vision of one person is necessary to make sure all ideas cohere together. 

Before you gather your team together, you need to elect a leader.

This leader could very well be you. However, you have to be confident in this leadership position. Once you decide that you're the leader, you have to act like one in all interactions; everyone will be looking up to you.

Gather Your Team 

Once a leader is selected, they should start gathering people together for the planning committee. The leader should pick people that they know they can work well with. They should also pick people that they know will work well together. 

A great planning committee is more effective than the sum of its parts. The only way to get this flow going is to make sure that everyone on the team adds something. 

Book a Meeting Space

Make sure you book yourself a space in advance when organizing an event planning committee. This space should be open, distraction-free, and capable of fitting everyone on the committee comfortably. 

The space should have outlets for computer chargers and wifi access. You never know when something might need to be looked up. 

Research Event Space in Advance

Your leader should look at spaces for events before the committee ever meets. The committee together should select the space of the event in question together, but the leader should get the main say in putting forth different options. 

For a great golf event, make sure you pick an event space that has great golf services.  

Understand Golf Course Event Planning

As you can see, golf course event planning is an activity that requires a group effort and a strong leader.

Make sure you pick your leader early, select the right group of people, book a meeting space, and rehearse event spaces in advance, and you're far more likely to succeed in your event planning. 

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