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How To Travel With Golf Clubs

How To Travel With Golf Clubs

It might surprise you to learn that people have been playing golf for hundreds of years. It can be an amazing way to relax, socialize, and enjoy the beautiful scenery golf courses can provide. Many people choose to travel to play golf, whether recreationally or to compete.

There are travel tips you need to know when transporting your golf equipment, though. Let's explore how to travel with golf clubs.

Take Only What You Need

This will go a long way when it comes to simplifying the process. Many people make the mistake of taking every club they own when they travel to play golf. Instead, you should take only the clubs you plan on using.

The primary reason to consider this is that most courses have rental options available. People can often take advantage of these to have access to clubs without worrying about transporting their own.

Of course, there will always be circumstances where you need a specific set of clubs. Once you determine what you can leave behind, you'll make your trip much smoother.

Check the Airline's Policies

Not all airlines have the same policies when it comes to luggage. The last thing you want is to find out at the airport that you can't take some of your belongings with you for a tournament.

More often than not, airlines have dedicated pages on their websites that outline this information. If you need clarification, though, reach out to a representative. They have the knowledge and resources to point you in the right direction.

Use ID Tags

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for airlines to lose bags during transit. This is a situation you want to avoid at all costs.

Not only will it be inconvenient to deal with lost items, but many golf clubs are notably expensive. In some cases, you could be out thousands of dollars due to a situation outside of your control.

Using ID tags on your bags could give you a chance that your items still make it to their destination. You should include your address, name, contact information, and flight info. It might not always work, but it's a simple precaution you can take to minimize your chances of loss.

Use Hard-Shell Cases

Golf clubs aren't indestructible, but many people treat them as such. It's essential to use the right case when traveling. Hard-shell cases are ideal for transporting golf clubs, as their durability will prevent your clubs from getting damaged.

They also have plenty of room, meaning you can take a handful of clubs in a single case. Be sure to invest in one before you travel. It could mean the difference between whether or not your clubs arrive safely.

Avoid Layovers

One of the most common times bags are misplaced is during layovers. It's always best to take direct flights to your destination.

Each time your luggage is transported from one plane to another, there's a chance you will lose your items. If you can't completely eliminate layovers, keep them to a minimum. This will greatly reduce the chance of something going wrong.

Use a Tracking Device

Some people choose to use tracking devices on their bags in the event they're lost or stolen. Unfortunately, criminals who steal bags often immediately look for tracking devices so they can disable them.

The good news is that a scenario like this is highly uncommon. It's much more likely that you can track your bag's location after it is lost or misplaced by airport staff.

This is a measure often taken by those who have expensive golf clubs. While tracking devices won't guarantee you find your items, they can dramatically increase the likelihood you retrieve your belongings.

Consider Shipping

As a last resort, you can always ship your golf clubs. However, this is often difficult to coordinate.

You run the risk of damage and loss, and you also need to arrive in a timely manner to retrieve your items. In general, this is a consideration you should make only if your trip includes many layovers.

For example, someone traveling internationally may prefer to ship their golf clubs instead of taking them on their flights. More often than not, though, packing your clubs on the plane is the cheapest and most convenient option.

Budget Appropriately

Whether you pack your clubs or ship them, it's important to understand what you should budget for. If you're only taking a few clubs on your flight, it will likely cost less than $100. Taking a large number of clubs could exceed this amount.

If you ship them, there are additional factors at play. The amount you pay is influenced by the distance to your destination, shipping speed, and the shipping provider. Some providers charge more than others, and you can expect to pay more for expedited shipping.

Shipping clubs over long distances could also be notably expensive. Consider this information when moving forward so you don't encounter financial surprises.

How to Travel With Golf Clubs

It's much easier than it seems to take your gear from one place to another. As long as you understand how to travel with golf clubs, you'll avoid many issues you may have otherwise dealt with.

From here, you can focus on enjoying the beautiful environment and improving your skill at the game. Reach out to us today at St. Cloud Country Club. Our professional staff can help you determine which type of membership is best for you.